Elder Nomination

Elder Candidate Announcement

The Elder Team is pleased to announce Todd Okesson as a candidate for Eldership.  Todd has been recommended by the congregation and vetted by the current Elder Team.  At our June 25 congregational meeting, we will vote on his candidacy.  In the meantime, our Bylaws call for a 30 day period to allow for input to the Elders or to personally address any issues with the candidate.


Get to Know the Okessons

Todd grew up in Syracuse, New York and Megan in Stromsburg, Nebraska. Todd attended Wheaton College in Illinois where he earned a history degree.  Later he returned to Wheaton to complete a Masters in Religion.  During this time, he met and married Megan.  Todd went on to teach high school history for a few years before returning to school at the University of Chicago Law School.  After completing his law degree, Todd spent 5 years as a lawyer in Chicago before moving to Iowa.  Currently, Todd is a lawyer for a local insurance company, and Megan is a stay at home mom.  

The Okesson family is rounded out with four sons: Anders (14), Elijah (13), Jack (8) and Caleb (8).  When they moved from Chicago in 2014, they started attending Johnston E Free and soon became members.  They have volunteered in Sunday School, Junior High youth ministry and Women’s Bible study.  In their free time they enjoy reading, doing projects around their house, and rooting for the Corn Huskers and Syracuse Orange.

Current Elder Team