In May 2015 we began the process of updating the church Bylaws.  The goal of this process has been to produce and adopt a governing document that the church now and in the future can operate according to and advance the gospel with integrity, agility, and ministry empowerment. This document should continue to reflect a commitment to congregational accountability, biblical leadership roles, and staff who equip and mobilize individuals for the works of ministry service. 

Over the past year, our Elders and the Bylaw Advisory Team worked to prepare a draft of new Bylaws in preparation for Listening Meetings.  We held these meetings in May 2016 and updated the draft with some suggested changes from those meetings.  The final Proposed Bylaws are now available below, along with a number of key documents.  We encourage our church members to read the documents in advance of reading the Bylaw document.  These documents set the context for the Bylaw updates.

On Sunday, July 31 at our quarterly congregational meeting the Proposed Bylaws were formally introduced.  Then, at our October congregational meeting, the proposed Bylaws were approved by the congregation.  See the link below for our newly adopted church bylaws. 

 Official  Bylaws pdf

T.J. Addington Article pdf

Tim Keller Article pdf