The Give Initiative

Each year we take some time during this season of giving to think about the needs in our community and around the world.  We call it the Give Initiative. It’s simple.  Hold off on a few gifts that you would buy for yourself or family, and give that money to those in need.  Or, for those that do year-end giving, consider these opportunities.  This year, we’re hoping to raise $60,000 in 3 areas.


With over 150 million orphans worldwide and nearly 10,000 kids in foster care in Iowa alone, we want to help the many adoptive and foster care families God has brought to our church.  For this year’s Give Initiative, we look to raise $30,000 to begin and Adoption Grant Fund.  For more on the fund, and other ways you can be involved in Adoption and Foster Care click here. In addition, during the month of December, families can volunteer to purchase a backpack and stock it full of items for kids entering the foster care system.  For more on the backpack program click here.


Radius International

Reaching people in different cultures and languages who have never heard of Jesus Christ is a tough endeavor, and many missionaries leave the field because of inadequate preparation and difficult circumstances.  Radius International is an organization that equips these missionaries in their work before they get to their field.  Radius is the most effective training program we have ever seen, and God continues to grow their ministry.  For this year’s Give Initiative, we look to raise $20,000 for Radius.  Click here for ways to pray for the Des Moines Team - a missionary group we support as a church that all went through the Radius training program.

Community Care

Each year, Johnston E Free provides thousands of dollars in support to those in our church and community that struggle to meet their basic financial needs.  This year’s Give Initiative will help to replenish this fund with $10,000.  


+ Give on a Sunday during December.
   Simply write "Give Initiative” and the area you want to give to  
   on the memo line of your check.